About Us

When God made humans, he gave them eyes to view, live and encompass the moment then and there. But what about the days after the moment has passed ?
There, we come into being to capture and enliven the feelings, the memories once again and for ever.

My name is Biswajit Biswal, I have studied photography, Cinematography, & photojournalism at Biju Patnaik Film and Television Institute of Odisha.

Established since 2018, Our work is not just a job but a passion for us, to immortalise the events, the moments , the experience and the bonds we create .

We provide best services of photography, cinematography and all the related craftsmanship. Our art arises from the best of our abilities with perfect finesse, expertise skills and undying dedication. For these shall not be empty words, for our sincerity will vouch for it.

We believe in capturing life when we click a shot to grasp a still from the moments you enjoy thus to turn it into a beautiful memory. For us our clients are not just limited to work but for us they are our family. Collecting and accumulating various tokens of joy from your special days is what we expertise ourself at.

With THE SAI DIGITAL STUDIO we provide you the best of experience, to treat your memories with the best of everything .